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250                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

November loth, 1797.

I have received Bourdon's letter, who says he
deferred writing till he could learn from his col-
leagues whether the Directory will or will not
receive my successor; and nothing is yet decided.
He says: "S'il est possible de finir avec Coles,
nous le ferons; mais je ne vous le cache point; les
dispositions dans lesquelles il 6tait lorsqu'il a quitt6
la France, le ton de hauteur avec lequel il parlait
de toutes nos institutions republicaines, la morgue
qui se remarquait dans ses discours et dans ses
actions, tout me fait craindre qu'il n'apporte ici
des pr6ventions qui pourraient nous emp£cher de
faire le bien."

November nth, 1797.

I had got so far when my man announced the
arrival of Madame d'Anglures, Madame de Ta-
laru, and Cesarine, who have taken a trip to see
the " hermit of the forest." Your ears must have
tingled, as we talked for hours of you and yours.
They send you a thousand embrassades. Lavie has
gone to Switzerland. His daughter is at Paris,
endeavouring to procure the definite expunction